Chronic Pain Rehab




Life is challenging for individuals living with chronic pain, and it can be difficult to participate in daily activities and find enjoyment in life. Individuals can battle decreased activity, decreased strength and flexibility, feelings of depression and isolation. Research has shown that therapy prescriptions are safe and effective treatment options.


PHYSICAL THERAPY provides core stabilization, stretching, cardiovascular exercise and a long-term fitness plan. Strategies are provided to patients to empower their own management of painful symptoms. The ultimate goal is to break the pain cycle and allow individuals to fully participate in valued activities including work, home, and leisure tasks as well as enhanced self-care.


OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY helps individuals identify specific activities or behaviors that aggravate pain and suggest alternatives. Individuals learn methods for decreasing frequency and duration of painful episodes, and develop better function for daily activities. Proper lifting and energy conversation techniques are explained. Adaptive equipment and splinting can also be trialed to help perform daily tasks.



  • Understand the nature of chronic pain
  • Learn strategies for self-management of painful symptoms
  • Improve strength, flexibility, and mobility
  • Obtain a personalized fitness plan for improved health and well being




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