UP Health System | Hand & Upper Extremity Center

Certified Hand Therapists

We use our hands every single day.  Hand therapy rehabilitation is critical after an injury, surgery or when a limitation of the upper extremity (shoulder, elbow wrist and hand) affects an individual’s ability to perform activities. Although they are called hand therapists, they treat more than just the hands. Hand therapists treat a wide variety of upper extremity disorders, from simple fingertip injuries to elbow injuries to rotator cuff and shoulder conditions. Hand therapists conduct a thorough examination of the injured area to reach a diagnosis and formulate a plan of non-operative interventions to get you back on track to performing activities that you enjoy. Hand therapists use many tools and techniques along with unique exercise programs for treatment. They also craft custom splints and braces for patients with tendonitis, carpal tunnel, fractures and other conditions.



About the Hand & Upper Extremity Center