Billing Information – Kingsford

Billing Information


Medical insurance generally covers physical therapy treatment. However, each insurance plan is different. Our office staff is happy to attain preauthorization and complete a preliminary benefits check. It is each patient’s responsibility to verify coverage under their insurance plan. Any charges that are not covered by insurance are the responsibility of the patient.


Our office will give you a form to help you verify your coverage. It explains how we bill, lists your plan’s specifics (deductibles, out of pocket maximums, copay/coinsurance information, limitations, etc.), and includes the treatment codes you will be billed for. We will review our findings with you and tell you exactly what you need to verify. In addition to verifying your benefits, it is important that you be informed as to your insurance carrier’s disclaimer statement.


We now have an online Portal that allows Niagara and Kingsford patients to pay their bills online. Have your account number ready and click the link below to securely pay your bill.


If you have questions after speaking with our office and your insurance carrier, please call our Accounting and Finance office in Marquette at 906-225-5570.