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Returning athletes to sport shouldn’t be guesswork.


Move2Perform is an athletic analysis system that identifies deficits and the probability of losing time from your sport. Our certified staff can provide objective reporting for a pre-season screenings, return-to-sport after injuries, and wellness examinations. It is used worldwide by professional and collegiate sports teams and athletes of all levels.


Evaluation and treatment

  • Analysis of the athlete’s current status, rehabilitation progress and goals to continue improvement
  • Assessment of athlete’s current risk of returning to sport
  • Targeted rehabilitation specific to athlete’s needs
  • Objective return-to-sport decision making between parents, athletes and your healthcare team


Have peace of mind, increase your confidence and stay in the game with UP Sports Medicine and Move2Perform.


Session Pricing


Individual | $60

  • FMS Testing, Y Balance
  • Wellness Blueprint
  • Functional Assessment


2-9 Athletes | $35 ea

  • FMS Testing, Y Balance


10+ Athletes | $20 ea

  • FMS Testing, Y Balance

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