Memory Rehabilitation

Shot of an elderly woman holding her wooden cane while sitting on a bed


MEMORY LOSS can be challenging for the individual and their family and friends. Memory loss can result in a lifelong change which can affect a person’s cognition, lifestyle, language, driving, feeding and many other aspects of daily living.

We are dedicated to helping you achieve and maintain your highest level of function. Our rehab specialists help determine areas of strength and weakness to help you maintain and achieve your goals and maintain safety in your environment.

Your evaluation will involve comprehensive diagnostic testing. Upon completion of the assessment, our goal is to provide concrete data regarding your current status. We will make recommendations to help you function to your fullest. In some cases, we may recommend skilled outpatient therapy. Our caring professionals are here to help guide you through this experience. We look forward to meeting you.



  • Improve strength and endurance / reduce pain
  • Improve fine-motor skills and coordination
  • Learn to navigate the community safely
  • Determine safety with self-care skills / home safety
  • Provide recommendations for visual impairments
  • Determine driving abilities



  • Ease communication between you and your loved ones
  • Increase success at mealtime
  • Facilitate appropriate memory techniques
  • Improve thinking skills for daily tasks


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