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Rehabilitation for Achilles Tendinopathy

LUCAS THEYS, PT, DPTΒ | UP HEALTH SYSTEM REHAB SERVICES Achilles tendinopathy is a common overuse injury to the foot and ankle in sports. Most individuals with this condition tend to complain of a gradual onset of pain overall with Achilles pain and stiffness after a period of resting or sleep. Patients typically feel better with some movement but then worsen with too much activity and have tenderness over the tendon. Tendinopathy typically occurs in those [...]

Sitting Less and Moving More

LUCAS THEYS, PT, DPT Doctor of Physical Therapy How long have you been sitting today? Sitting to eat your meals, sitting at your desk at work, sitting in your car throughout the day – it all adds up. Research has shown that sitting less is important to the health of your heart, muscles, joints, mind, and body. BEFORE STARTING ANY EXERCISE OR ACTIVITY PROGRAM, PLEASE CONSULT WITH YOUR HEALTHCARE PROVIDER. THE LATEST RESEARCH SUGGESTS THE [...]

Chronic Ankle Instability

Kate Hosking, PT, DPT, OCS Doctor of Physical Therapy It is estimated that between 2 to 7 individuals per 1000 in the general population will sustain an ankle sprain each year, resulting in 1.2 million health care-related visits annually. 40% of ankle sprains are sports-related injuries and most commonly occur in sports that involve frequent running, jumping and cutting-type movements (ex. volleyball, basketball, and soccer). Ankle sprains vary in location, severity, and can be acute [...]



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