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Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy focuses on helping people in all stages of life to prevent, recover, or live better with an injury, illness or condition by adapting the task to fit the patient. Our expert team of licensed Occupational Therapists provide an individualized evaluation, educate the patient/family, and create a customized treatment plan to provide the best quality care possible. We’re here to get you back to life.

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Slide We Can Help fiber_manual_record Activities of daily living | Personal care | Task performance
fiber_manual_record Certified Hand Therapist
fiber_manual_record Pre and post-surgical assessment and recovery
fiber_manual_record Adaptive equipment
fiber_manual_record Memory Care
fiber_manual_record Wheelchair assessment
fiber_manual_record Return to work
fiber_manual_record Dementia | Parkinson’s Disease | ALS | Stroke
fiber_manual_record Visual motor | Sensory processing | Fine motor delay
fiber_manual_record Developmental concerns in children
fiber_manual_record Autism | Cerebral Palsy | Down Syndrome
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