Aquatic Therapy



Aquatic Therapy


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Aquatic Therapy is Physical Therapy in a water environment.

The Hydroworx® Aquatic Therapy Pool is ideal for patients with shoulder, back, hip, knee, or ankle problems; older adults; and patients suffering from arthritis, chronic pain, osteoporosis or neurological problems.

  • Underwater treadmill and resistance jets provide advanced aquatic therapy for optimum outcomes.
  • Multiple water depth and variable speed let all patients (even children and those uncomfortable in deep water) safely enjoy the therapeutic benefits.
  • Resistance jets for therapy, rehabilitation, sports performance training, swimming or deep tissue massage.
  • Easy access steps inside the pool allow for safe exit or entry. Chair lift for clients who have difficulty navigating stairs (America Mall Location). This means easy entry for every patient, injury or condition.
  • One-on-one treatment sessions, 94° water temperature.



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